About our company

The human aspects of cognitive computing

Think Outcomes is a different type of cognitive computing company. We strengthen cognitive processes at work. For critical thinkers, decision makers and analysts, these are the responsibilities they do in their minds. We provide a cognitive system, named Socrates, to optimize critical thinking, decision making and stakeholder communications.

Socrates provides professionals, who think for a living, the ability to go beyond what their minds are unable to do on their own.

Socrates strengthens the cognitive processes
Of cognitive work

Socrates provides professionals the ability to pre-experience outcomes first to shape their decisions. Socrates creates a human-machine partnership between thinking and computing. And professionals engage in deeper thinking to arrive at best-fit answers for their situations.

As a cloud service, Socrates is built for thinkers in teams, in organizations and across connected enterprises. Through software, on-boarding services and ongoing education, we’re here to provide organizations a cognitive advantage.