Socrates. A cognitive partner.

To pre-experience outcomes

The machine side of cognitive computing is challenged to address human thinking in cognitive computing. Machine learning technologies learn from data and make predictions on data. Yet, people struggle to utilize existing data and machine data to manage outcomes.

Socrates resolves this challenge. Socrates engages deeper thinking in the mind to strengthen human intelligence. It picks up where machines stop. And where humans need to engage.

Socrates creates context for your situations with existing data and external data. Then, Socrates synthesizes the information into future outcomes to make uncertainty more certain. With Socrates, you utilize dynamic risk-reward analytics to experience your ah-ha moments with insight, manage future change with foresight and gain counterintuitive wisdom.

This is Cognitive 2.0.

Structure complexity in thinking

With cognitive apps

Our cognitive apps organize thinking in context to current and future performance. The apps put your decision information in context for you. No longer do you have to structure your thinking in your mind by yourself. The apps give you your time back to think more clearly. And help you illustrate your thought processes with evidence and analytics. Now, you can see what you and others are thinking.

See outcomes for your thinking

With risk-reward analytics

Our analytics bring about new ways of thinking as they focus exclusively on risks and rewards. They are connected to current and future operating profiles. So you can see what’s in your mind. And gain awareness to hidden risks and emerging opportunities in context to your situation.

You correlate pre-processed indicators to visualize risk-reward analytics at the speed of thought. You arrive at insights and foresights that are counterintuitive, predictive and prescriptive to help you adapt to the changing conditions you face.

For you and your team, the analytics focus your cognitive processes on outcomes, cause and effect relationships, root causes, perspectives and more.

Gain perspective.

Yours. And theirs.

When faced with situations that involve multiple, interdependent variables, its challenging to think through the implications from different stakeholder viewpoints. The challenge persists even when your stakeholders communicate their perspective. As a result, decisions are either stalled or are executed without clarity. Which impacts outcomes.

To address these challenges, Socrates is designed with stakeholder perspectives. Through Socrates, you see other people’s points of view. And yours, too. You express your thinking to others in a visual way. And see their thinking, too. With perspectives, you advance decisions forward with greater velocity.

Receive information in context
to your decisions

And manage information overload

When faced with too many variables, our minds get overloaded. We turn to our gut for answers, which isn’t a very good logic engine. Gut reactions and biases produce reasoning errors in judgment. Which impact outcomes for your business or your portfolio.

To manage information overload, Socrates processes decision indicators in context to your cognitive responsibilities. Socrates also maintains data integrity for your perspective in your business. And then makes information available to you as you need it. Socrates addresses this stressful activity of information overload that occurs in the minds of professionals every day.